Beautiful projects to realize with wooden pallet

Here are some beautiful projects to realize.

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Are you the type of person to have a decor "made in supermarkets" or to prefer a decor with recycled objects?

We suggest you today to include wooden pallet in your decor. We're not just talking here about making an accent wall with this wood, but about transforming the wooden pallet and including it into your decor in all kinds of ways.

Come discover these inspiring ideas.

Good decor!

First project

We often find this project in the bedrooms: the famous pallet wood headboard. I think it's very pretty, don't you think? When you think about it, it's also a simple project to do.

Second project

This project is also quite simple to achieve and the result is interesting visually. This console table was built from a wooden pallet. I like it and you?

Third project

Wow! It's the first I see this project. When you think about the expensive price of kid beds, it can be a good alternative.

Fourth project

Adding a wooden pallet wall can bring an interesting touch into a decor, don't you think?

Fifth project

Give your bookcase a new style by transforming the background with wooden pallet. This idea makes all the difference!

Sixth project

This cup holder is rather original!

Seventh project

A chest like this, bought in a department store can be very expensive, but if you do it yourself, it can be a much less expensive and fun project to make.

Eighth project

These chairs are cute ! You can easily build a table and chairs for kids. What a good idea! We could see this table and chairs in a daycare.

Ninth project

This kind of shelf is perfect for storing onions, potatoes and other vegetables. It could be used for garden tools and plant shoots too.

Tenth project

This is a unique bed frame!

Eleventh project

This wall made from wood pallet will be appreciated by men and even by women who like a tidy garage !

Twelfth project

This entrance bench is quite nice! I wish I had a bench like this in my entryway.

My favorite project

I leave you with my favorite project : the bookcase. I want to transform my IKEA shelves !