Beginner crochet project: adorable little mug rugs!

These will make the most adorable coasters!

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Crocheting is so fun! There are so many different things you can crochet and these items are so precious because they are made by you! Here's a small project that would be perfect for beginners that is both very cute and useful!

Crochet small mug rugs! They can be used as coasters and they will probably be the cutest coasters you will ever use.

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Your guests will really be impressed when you offer them a drink using these beautiful coasters!

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And the great news is that the pattern is totally free! You can find it on the Ralvelry website.


They will be the perfect addition to your table for the fall. They truly add a little something special, don't they?


There is so many colors and patterns you can use for this project! Here is another beginner tutorial by CrochetnCreate.

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If it seems too easy for you, you can create sets for you or your loved ones! 

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Do you like crocheting? If you never tried it before, this could make a great first project!