Blown paint fall trees: learn this easy technique here and teach it to your kids!

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If you have never tried the blown paint technique with children, we recommend this little project ! Because with this idea, at least you have a goal. Create fall trees !

The masking tape will be used to make tree trunks ! And the children will only see the result once the strips of masking tape are removed. You will see the expression on their faces and that, it is priceless !

Kids love to discover! Let them make a great project with very little material. Paper, masking tape, straws and gouache !

You will need :

- White cardboard

- Masking tape

- Paint ( gouache ) : a lot of yellow, a lot of red, just a little bit of brown and just a little bit of green

- Straws

- A disposable plastic tablecloth to avoid dirtying the table

- Scissors

How to do :

1) Start by covering the table with the disposable plastic tablecloth, so you will not damage your table

2) Then stick strips of masking tape onto the white paper, but make them stick over the tablecloth to hold the paper in place

3) Add a few drops of paint on the white paper : a lot of yellow, a lot of red, just a little bit of brown and a little bit of green

4) Give a straw to the children and let them blow in the straw to spread the paint on the paper

5) The blown paint will make the leaves in the trees, while the strips of masking tape that you will remove later, will make the tree trunks

6) Let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step

7) Once the paint is completely dry, remove the masking tape to see the tree trunks

8) And that's how we paint fall trees with gouache, masking tape and straws

Watch all the steps in the video tutorial below to make this fall craft :

? BLOW PAINT FALL TREES ? Such a fun messy play activity for the Fall! 1️⃣ Place strips of masking tape on heavy-weight paper. 2️⃣ Squirt paint on the paper. 3️⃣ Blow through a straw on the paint. 4️⃣ Let dry. Remove tape.

Posted by Sensory Play for Kids on Monday, September 3, 2018

Source : Sensory Play for Kids

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