Brainteaser : Can you can spot the jellyfish hidden amongst the sea of plastic bags?

The record for finding the jellyfish is 10 seconds, can you find it faster?

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In addition to being fun, solving puzzles and riddles also has a number of benefits. Indeed, it is believed that they strengthens the connection between brain cells, which helps improve memory.

Logic games train your brain to see different approaches to problems. Visual puzzles help train your eye muscles. Puzzles are great for activating the brain and killing boredom, and often challenge players to beat the record in the speed of finding answers.

So this new puzzle challenges players to find a jellyfish hidden among plastic bags in the sea as quickly as possible. Just look at the illustration and try to find a jellyfish. This colourful illustration was been created by eco-friendly home products company Bahari

Take a look at the full illustration below. 


The average person finds the jellyfish in 17 seconds, while the record is only 10 seconds! This brainteaser is really hard as the jellyfish is the same color as the bags thrown into the sea, so it is harder to find where it is. 

If you can't find it, try to pay more attention to the lower left of the illustration. 

Scroll down below for the solution! 

But make sure to give it a try first.

Did you know that an estimated 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year? It is very sad! Particularly for the sea creatures like turtles as they eat bags thinking they are jellyfish which could end up being fatal for them!

Here's the solution:


How long did it take you?