Build your very own fence with wooden pallets. Here are 20 ideas to inspire you.

Recycle your wooden pallet !

Tips and Crafts

The wood of pallet is a very useful and warm material, that is suitable for multiple uses. With wooden pallets we can realize several projects in the house, but also outside, in the courtyard and the garden. You just need some imagination and time to improve your house, garden...

Among all that is possible to do, there are fences. Here is a selection of 20 beautiful fences, which you can install at home for more privacy or security. A nice addition to your garden!

You can build them yourself or call in a professional by showing him these inspiring pictures.

A fence that can be used as a gardener

source: recycled things

To delimit the garden in different sections

source : kameleonfactory

A wall for Little Red Riding Hood

source : Health Nutrition

A natural fence

source : hometalk

To grow herbs at the same time

source : morningchores

To delimit and protect a garden

source : Handy Gardening

You can add plants and flowers

source : Landscape Genius

A fairy tale door

source : woohome

A modern and zen touch

source : Green Blog

A traditional wooden fence

source :

A gardener or a box for newspaper

source : Pinterest

For a country style

source : recycled things

A charming place to relax with herbs on the patio

source : deco adventure

A fence to have more privacy and decorated with flowers

source : garden layout

To delimit the garden in a very original way

source : mobiliconpallet

Flowers are so nice on a fence

source : mikamosaic

A deck to receive the guests or just to get a tan and relax on sunny days

source : Bridoz

Kids would love such a fence at home or daycare

source : petitcoeurdu10

A small, colorful fenced garden

source : recycled things

A fence to eat outside and have more privacy

source : deavita

Watch the videos, these two projects are amazing :

Which models do you like the most? Do you want to do one of these projects at home? In any case, we can say that the wooden pallets can suit all needs, all gardens and everyone !