By heating the handle of an old toothbrush, she creates an accessory for a very special task!

Must think about it!

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You also used to keep your old toothbrushes to do housework? Well, this time, it is to wash the inner contour of the toilet bowl! This area of the toilet bowl is often stained and blackened. These black stains inside of the toilet bowl indicate that jets of siphon are clogged. These holes are what leads the water into the toilet bowl. Water minerals and other debris can be accumulated. It is recommended to clean regularly these jets. You can do it simply with a metal hanger or a nylon brush. But a toothbrush will do the job! Have you already spent money for a specialized brush to wash this part of the toilet? What's the point when you can make it with an old toothbrush?

You can save money with this method!!

Fold the handle at 45°

It is suggested to brush the water jets regularly to prevent clogging. And this is how you will avoid the black marks in the toilet tank.