Can you believe it? This house is made with 3 containers!

A superb residence that surprises us!

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A different concept!

The Danish company WorldFLEXhome's mission is to create sustainable housing before the world is hit by a shortage of resources. With such a noble goal, it is no wonder that their favorite material is the standard 12.19 meter (40 foot) shipping container.

The house "WFH" was designed out of 3 shipping containers by Simon Vinzent and Mads Møller from Arcgency for the Danish company. When we look outside, we would not think it's 3 containers, right?

The house has a contemporary look almost minimalist. I invite you to discover the interior!

Good visit!

First impressions

Let's take a look on the outside of the house. I am curious to know your first impressions. Do you like this style of architecture ? We notice immediately that this house hides some surprises : we do not believe it was built with 3 containers. Come on ! We will now visit the interior !

The kitchen

Let's start the tour with the kitchen. A natural and healthy radiance emanates in the house thanks to its generous windows, skylights and folding doors that open to the outside.

A modern kitchen

People who love the modern style, will probably like this kitchen almost minimalist ! The opening of the second floor makes the room spacious !

Dining room

The rooms are large and spacious in this house. Do you have the feeling of being in a house built with containers ? Not me !

Living room

What a beautiful open-plan isn't it ? The decor and the choice of materials bring to this space a feeling of calm. The decoration was kept simple but it's very elegant..

Bedrooms and living room

The children's and adult bedrooms are on the first floor including a relaxation area. Have you noticed how bright this space is ? It's not because we live in a "container" house that we have to live in the dark !

Children's bedroom

The decor of the bedroom is like the rest of the house. We notice the huge window overlooking the relaxation area and the second window that overlooks the outside.

Parent's bedroom

The parents' bedroom is not very large but it is just as bright as the rest of this concept house ! The simple decor is like the other rooms of the house. What do you think of this house so far ?

Would you believe it?

If I had not told you that this house was built with 3 containers: would you have guessed it ?

WorldFLEXhome really amazes us with this original house ! What do you think ?