Can you believe that this van can accommodate a family of 4?

We even find a small kitchen!

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Can you believe that this 2012 van has a small kitchen and that 4 people can sleep in it ? Indeed, the transformation of this van is amazing.

We wouldn't believe that 4 people can sleep in this van, but when we look at the photos, you can see that it's possible!

Maybe this is another way of traveling, to avoid always sleeping in expensive hotels or with large RVs? I invite you to take a look at this surprising transformation!

A small table for 4

The first section of the van has a table that can be used as a dining table. The 2 front seats are turned to face the others. It is very convenient but that's not all; look at the storage under the floor!


After the section with the dining table, we find the small kitchen, with sink and stove and a mini-refrigerator that is concealed under the counter of the sink.

Parents' area

As I mentioned before, this van can accommodate a small family of 4. When I say 4 person, I specify: two adults and 2 young children. That's the parents' area, it's not big, but at least it's clear.

Children's area

Just above the parents' bed is the little child's bunk. The child must be small to go in this little hole! The second place to sleep is at the bottom of the van and the entrance seems a little larger, so perfect for an older child? It is clear that the design is made especially for young children.

What do you think about this van?

It's a complete transformation, right? I have to say that the design is interesting but it is still a small place. It's perfect for small vacation, with young children, in a campsite with toilets and showers, but in the long run, I do not know.

The storage seems well thought too! Feel free to leave us your impressions of this transformed van!