Can you guess the purpose of these 17 old objects?

Play with your family during the quarantine! Whoever has the most good answers wins!

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Time passes and human creativity just kept growing and some people invented some really strange objects!

But what can these things be for? Internet users have shared photos of a few strange objects.

Try to guess what they are used for and maybe you will laugh less at the new generations who do not recognize a VHS tape… ;-) 

1. "What is that? The first thought of the internet user who shared this photo. They thought it was that it was for tea, but the leaves would fall through...

source: fredsub / reddit

In fact, this device is used to put flour on dough or powdered sugar on a pie. You can see how it works here:

2. It's just a vase, right?

source: KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

In the old days, women used to put their hair in this kind of small pot, in order to use it later to stuff pillows or make brushes.

3. “I found this in my grandfather's stuff. No idea what it could be. "

source: TinyImp23 / reddit

This is used to put corks on bottles. You can see the modern version of this accessory here:

4. Is it a mini alien ship?

source: Joshuaferris / reddit

The chefs will have recognized a knife which is used to cut the dough for the croissants. You can see how to do it here:

5. It looks like a watch…

source: KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

It's a glove holder! In fact, in the early 20th century, when a gentleman was not using his gloves, he attached them to the clip, which was attached to his clothes.

6. Found in a flea market in Belgium. The seller had no explanation.

source: Pedandick / reddit

These are medical forceps from the middle of the 19th century. Obstetricians used it to tie the umbilical cord.

7. Is this a meat chopper missing parts?

source: KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

No. This machine is used to easily cut the pulp of a coconut.

8. A bizarre crown…

source: NV Holders

A Slovenian company has developed suspenders for men's shirts. The main belt is placed on the hip and the other parts are attached to the ends of the shirt so that it fits well.

9. This person received this as a Christmas present with the message "Good luck guessing what it is! "

source: tjansson / reddit

This machine is used to make meatballs. You put the meat in the white parts and the right convex part is used to make a hollow for the filling, and the left part is for the second part of the meat. Demonstration here:

10. Found at grandma's.

source: MikeyCarrick / reddit

It is a knife pusher. The children were using the object to learn how to use silverware. They used it to push food into their spoon or fork.

11. A dentist's mirror?

source: KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

No, a bookmark for books!

12. If you've ever been to Catalonia, you know what it is.

source: Polyglot / pikabu

It is a traditional vase for wine. People lift it by holding the upper part and the nose is oriented so that the wine passes directly into the mouth. The lips should not touch the object.

13. "This weird wooden thing belonged to my grandfather"

source: Polyglot / pikabu

This was used to "beat" the laundry after washing.

14. A time machine?

source: logantheredditreader / reddit

It's a kind of treadmill. It is designed for people recovering from an injury. It is an old model.

15. What are these weird scissors for?

source: red_kirby1 / reddit

To cut pizza!

16. "I found this in the bathroom. I spent half a day figuring out what it was. My wife explained to me "

source: KYKJIOE6 / pikabu

It is a protective glove sold that comes with a heating iron.

17. "What is this wooden thing I received as a gift?" "

source: DanteThonSimmons / reddit

It is a glass holder that is placed on a bottle of wine. The middle hole is for the neck and the side slits are for the glasses.

And then? How many good answers do you have?