Centipedes are back in our homes, we should not kill them though.

This bug will be your new best friend!

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Of all the critters that might come into our house, the most disgusting is probably the house centipede! Also known as the "Scutigera coleoptrata ", it arrived to North America from Mexico several decades ago.

This variety is smaller than the majority of centipedes and has around 30 legs that can detach if it is in danger or gets stuck.

YouTube - André Lequet

Even if it turns off and even terrifies many people, this bug is harmless. However, you should be still be carful as it stings can hurt in a manner similar to those of bees.

Like many small animals, house centipedes like damp, dark places such as bathrooms and basements.

If you find one at home, hold back your urge to frantically crush it under your shoe! The centipedes are your allies! They love to eat ants, spiders, cockroaches, flies or bedbugs.

YouTube - André Lequet

If you discover a centipede in your home, but don't see any other insect species, chances are it is your official exterminator! If you really don't want to live with him, gently pick it up and put it outside so it can continue its mission!

To prevent centipedes from entering your home:

1. Dry the damp areas in your house or apartment.

2. Eliminate populations of indoor insects (ants, spiders, etc.)

3. Seal cracks in the walls.

Remember that even if the insects terrorize you, they are even more afraid of you!

In the event that you agree to keep them in your home, they will do their best to remain discreet and out of sight!

The centipede can grow to a rather intimidating size. But it is also very clean! But hey, we know that this is an argument that does not weigh very heavily when we find ourselves in front of a beast of the genre! So instead of having nightmares, you better make it sleep outside...

YouTube - André Lequet

Otherwise, know that your new friend will be grateful if you let him stay warm!

This French man even made it his pet! How funny!

Have you seen centipedes in your home before? Are you afraid of bugs?