Christmas ball: The game that will entertain the whole family this Christmas

A simple game that all members of the family, young and old can play easily!

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This year for Christmas, forget the boring gift at $10 or $20.

Have fun with your family with a great game!

Do you know the Dice Doubles Game? We roll a dice and when we come across doubles, we put mittens oven to unwrap a gift tightly wrapped until the gift is completely unwrapped?

Well, it's the same principle, but even better!

We will not give just a present, but several gifts and a big prize! This makes the game super exciting!

It's up to you to choose the amount of the jackpot according to the number of members having contributed. Then you will have the choice: $20 $50 or even $100 as in the first video!

Imagine the madness at the table with a $100 jackpot! The excitement must be at its maximum!

You will need:

- 60 meters (200') long of plastic wrap. For a bigger ball, you'll need a bigger roll

- Oven mittens

Here are some suggestions for items to pack in the plastic wrap:

- Small chocolates individually wrapped

- Chewing gums

- Candy bags

- Tic Tac boxes

- Some chocolate bars

- Holiday candy

- Gift cards

- Jackpot: $20, $50 or $100

Imagine all the people screaming at the table!

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How to make the Christmas ball:

1) Wrap the jackpot in the center and make several laps before adding another gift (see the last video at the bottom)

2) Then wrap the smaller gifts in the ball

3) Then wrap the gifts that are a little bigger. Candy bags are perfect to create the shape of the ball

How to play:

1) All seated around the table, the first person rolls 2 dice to play and must get double before putting the oven mittens and unpack the Christmas ball, the person keeps all the little gifts unpacked while she unwrap the ball of Christmas

2) The 2nd person who gets doubles puts on the oven mittens and quickly starts unpacking the big ball

3) While fast the next person rolls the dice until he or she gets doubles to steal the dice!

4) And so on! You do not give the dice until you get a double. So, everyone has a chance!

Watch the video

Here's how create the gift-ball and how to make the game a little more difficult and fun!

Cut the plastic wrap and roll it in other directions from time to time to increase the level of difficulty in the game