Coffee is not just a beverage, it can be useful in many other ways

Coffee can also be used as a dye and odor remover!

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Every morning, you make coffee and the reflex you have is to take the ground coffee from yesterday and throw it away.

However, it's crazy how useful this stuff can be.

And having seen all that can be done with coffee grounds, you'll be a little more hesitant every time you think about throwing them away. You will think back to one of these ideas and realize; what a waste!

Here are 19 hidden uses for used up coffee grounds:

1) Get rid of bad odors on your hands by rubbing ground coffee and rinse with clear water. Coffee has the power to chase nasty smells away in no time!

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2) For shiny hair, make a pot of coffee and let the coffee cool down. On clean hair, apply cold coffee. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse.


3) Prepare an infusion of coffee and brush it on paper and soak fabric in it to obtain different coffee hues


4) Dried coffee grounds are perfect the perfect material to use to make pincushions.Roll the dried infused coffee beans in a piece of cloth and tie it with a rubber band.

5) Azalea plants and rhododendron adore coffee grounds as fertilizer. Dilute the coffee grounds in a little water and water your plants.

6) Fresh coffee grounds are perfect for replacing baking soda in the fridge. This will eliminate bad odors.


7) Change the smell of moisture or any other odd smell in your car by adding a little coffee grounds in nylon tights or socks and tie a knot. Place on the floor of your car.


8) Old coffee beans will not only decorate glass vases, they will smell good with the warmth from the candles.


9) Coffee enhances the flavor of ice cream, chili and all your favorite chocolate desserts.


10) Coffee is very useful in a soil container to attract worms for making vermicomposting.

11) Aged and dried coffee grounds are perfect for getting rid of ants in the house. This trick also works to keep ants away in the garden.


12) By diluting a little bit of coffee grounds into dish soap, you can use this formula to wash appliances.

13) Mix some water with coffee grounds to color in a scratch in real wood with a cotton swab.


14) Mix some coconut oil with coffee grounds to treat cellulite.


15) Add coffee grounds to your compost, there is no better compost!

16) Firm your skin with a natural mask. Mix coffee grounds with a little olive oil and a little essential oil of your choice.

17) Prevent cats from using your garden and vegetable garden as their litter boxes. The smell of coffee grounds keeps cats away.

18) Grow oyster mushrooms more easily with coffee grounds. These mushrooms grow even better when you use coffee grounds.

19) Collect the embers more easily from the fireplace by sprinkling humid coffee grounds. Let sit for 5 minutes, the time it takes to absorb the ember dust, then retrieve the ashes.


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