Collect corks to make beautiful Christmas decorations!

+ a tip to cut them more easily!

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By Christmas you will be able to collect some corks, won't you? Also ask for help from family and friends! They will be able to collect them for you! And with all these beautiful little corks, you can make beautiful little Christmas decorations!

You will need:


-A bucket of hot water and a cutting board

-One X-Acto knife

-A hot glue gun

- Mod Podge polish glue

-Golden glitter (if you like, you can choose silver, bluish or red ones)

-Ribbon, color of your choice

- Snowflakes Christmas decorations

How to:

1) Soak the corks for 24 hours before cutting them in half with an X-Acto knife

2) Glue 7 halves of caps together with the hot glue gun to form a snowflake

3) Apply a little bit of Mod Podge glue on one side of the flake and sprinkle the glitter, then let it dry completely

4) Apply some Mod Podge glue on the other side of the snowflake and sprinkle glitter, then let it dry completely

5) Stick the snowflakes in the center of the decorations with the hot glue gun

6) Stick the ribbons on the edges of the flakes with Mod Podge glue-varnish or hot glue according to the chosen ribbon

7) Finish with a loop on the top of each snowflake

Do not forget to stick a silver flake on both sides of the decorations

And don't forget to make a loop with the ribbon so you can hang the decoration

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