Create a lovely rainbow cloud lamp in just 15 minutes

Make 4 cloud lamps for your bedroom!

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You have always wanted to make a cloud lamp, but you have always postponed the project for one reason or another ?

Well now it is time to finally realize your project, but this time, with a color-changing LED bulb !

And thanks to your remote control you can change the color of your clouds as you like, or let the light bulbs change colors randomly for a magical atmosphere like a thunderstorm in your bedroom ! WOW !

Imagine, 3 or 4 clouds in 3 or 4 different colors ! This project is amazing, and it will be perfect in your bedroom ! Enjoy !

You will need :

- White round paper lanterns

- Color-changing LED bulbs ( IMPORTANT ! you need LED bulbs ) The LED bulbs do not heat. Do not use a regular colored bulb, it is very dangerous, because it could burn the paper lanterns ( covered with synthetic fiber ).

You'll find this kind of light bulb everywhere on the Internet, on, in superstores and in lighting shops.

Try to choose a model with a remote control to be able to change colors when you want.

- Pillow batting

- A hot glue gun

- Refills sticks for the hot glue gun

How to do :

1) Add all the LED bulbs in the white paper lanterns

2) Add a big amount of hot glue on a large piece of synthetic fiber and glue the piece of fiber on the lantern

3) Use a stick to pressure the hot glue through the synthetic fiber, so you do not burn your fingers

4) Cover all lanterns with synthetic fiber, including the hole under the lantern

5) Make sure to put more fiber in some spots to remove the round shape of the lanterns and create cloud-shapes.

6) Light your clouds !

7) Choose one color for each cloud, or let the light bulbs sparkle in all colors randomly for a gorgeous thunderstorm in your bedroom !

Watch the video :

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