Decorate your garden in a Shabby Chic style with these 20 ideas!

Who else loves this feminine and vintage style?

Tips and Crafts

Shabby chic is a style of interior design than embraces a vintage, lived-in look. Often times, softer colours and used as well as feminine accents. The furniture usually shows signs of age and wear and tear to achieve the appearance of an antique. There is something really comforting and beautiful about shabby chic style!

So why not take it in the garden? 

Here is a selection of 20 creative ideas for decorating your garden in Shabby Chic style! 

1. Shabby Chic Ladder  

This piece can be placed in the kitchen or make it a part of your porch decor!


2. Shabby Chic Patio Set  

Who wouldn't like drinking their morning coffee on this lovely set? 


3. Shabby Chic Chairs

Don't be scared to add details! Lovely cushions, plants and vintage door bring this porch to life. 


4. Shabby Chic Balcony

The dream balcony for all the flower-lovers! 


5. Shabby Chic Sitting Area 

The perfect spot to read a book or take an afternoon nap. 


6. Shabby Chic Decorative Lanterns

Beautiful additions to any garden!


7. Shabby Chic Outdoor Couch

Love the pink couch!


8. Shabby Chic Cable Spool Table

What do you think of this lovely table? 


9. Shabby Chic Chair 

This vintage chair and watering can make the perfect planter for a shabby chic look! 


10. Shabby Chic Corner 

If you want to transform your whole garden into a shabby chic paradise here are some ideas! Ladder, chair, table and lots of flowers!


11. Shabby Chic Balcony

You can also create a lovely shabby chic look with all-white furniture. Add a delicate pop of colour with pastel tones. 


12. Shabby Chic For Two 

How romantic! 


13. Shabby Chic Garden Wall 

There is something really romantic about this style!  


14. Shabby Chic Garden Shutters

Perfect to create some privacy while being very pretty! 


15. Shabby Chic Shed

The ultimate she-shed idea! 


16. Shabby Chic Planter

Repurpose a vintage chair into a beautiful planter!


17. Shabby Chic Porch 

This outdoor couch is the most cozy spot to relax on summer evenings! 


18. Shabby Chic Romantic Garden

How beautiful are these roses! The kitty seems to like it too!


19. Shabby Chic Corner

Never enough of pink!


20. Shabby Chic Wall

These vintage plates truly add something special!


Which one is your favourite?