Decorate your home with an aquatic plant thanks to these ideas that will inspire you

Decorate a vase and grow your Marimo Moss Balls!

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The combination of the glass, the water, the light and the green of this aquatic plant are simply A-MA-ZING !

And if you add your personal touch, with a colorful decoration, such as artificial petals or a brightly colored decoration, you will love your new table decoration!

Do you know these beautiful little green balls that look as soft as a small kitten? Well, we call them the "Marimo Moss Ball". These are aquatic plants that can be grown very easily at home in the jar of your choice.

You will find all the information about Marimo Moss Ball in the following aquatic decor ideas:

What is it?

These strange little creatures are more and more popular, in addition to being very very cute, they are very useful for filtering aquariums, so if you add them to a jar as decoration, you can enjoy your beautiful creation for a long time before having to clean it! -> See full details in this article.


Where to find Marimo Moss Balls?

There are more and more Marimo Moss Balls in garden centers, for sale on the Internet and they cost almost nothing! In one click, you will find 2 Marimo Moss Balls of 3.8 cm (1.5 ") for a few Dollars with the keywords: Marimo Moss Balls.


What does Marimo mean?

Marimo is the Japanese term meaning seaweed. This kind of seaweed usually comes from Australia, Estonia, Scotland, Iceland and Japan. It's a seaweed that lives deep in freshwater lakes. So if you have a freshwater aquarium, you can add Marimo Moss Balls into it!


Do the Marimo Moss Balls grow?

Marimos are solid seaweeds that form dense balls and grow very slowly. These plant grows only a few cm per year. Buy them at a size you like, to keep that size for years.


Are they difficult to maintain?

Marimo Moss Balls are relatively easy to maintain apart from occasional water changes. So it's a good way to introduce children to growing a plant or a nice alternative to someone who does not have a green thumb.


Which water to use:

Since Marimo Moss Balls are aquatic plants, they don't need special care. They must be submerged to survive. Water does not need any treatment. Tap water will be perfect unless it is non-potable water.


Marimo Moss Balls do not like the sun:

Marimo Moss Balls live normally in the lakes, so they are not made to survive the direct sunlight. So place them away from the windows.


What is the right container for Marimo Moss Balls:

You can use the jar of your choice to grow your Marimo Moss Balls! As long as it is made of glass, so that you can see your Marimo Moss Ball and the water.


Why are the Marimo Moss Balls round?

Their round shape comes from the fact that the balls roll at the bottom of the lakes. The Marimo Moss Balls you buy will probably have been bred in captivity. Farmers use pieces of seaweed and roll them in their hands.

If one of your Marimos Moss Ball deforms in the water, take it delicately in your hands and roll it gently to give it a round shape before putting it back in the water.


Be careful to fake Marimo Moss Balls:

We find on the Internet, fake Marimo Moss Balls. A real Marimo Moss Ball will be dense. Marimos are fragile, and they should not sink directly to the bottom of the water. Get the Marimos from a trusted supplier and ask the seller if the Marimos are "Aegagropila linnaei"or where they come from.

The fake Marimo Moss Balls are made of polystyrene balls or artificial moss glued on some seaweed.


A therapy:

Some use Marimo Moss Balls as a therapy! Taking care of an aquatic plant can be a good way to relax for some people. Marimo Moss Balls reduce anxiety and stress.


Change the water:

The room temperature will be perfect for the Marimo Moss Balls. Just change water regularly. It is suggested to change the water every 2 to 6 weeks. But don't keep the water more than 6 weeks.

It only takes 5 minutes to change the water.


How to clean a vase with an aquatic plant:

1) Remove the Marimo Moss Balls from the water and put them in a bowl

2) Wash the stones and everything in the bowl with dish soap and warm water

3) Rinse the Marimo Moss Balls with lukewarm water by gently pulling the water out and letting them fill with water again (do not forget, they are not decorative objects, they are alive, so take care of your Marimo)

4) Add the water in the jar, decorate and replace your Marimo Moss Balls. (If you have removed too much water from your Marimo Moss Balls they will float on the surface of the water, help them a little bit)


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