Despite its 383 square feet, this tiny house has a surprising interior, take a look!

A tiny house that would make a nice cabin!

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The perfect little cabin for two !

From the outside, this 204-square-feet tiny house (383 including the lofts and the terrace on the roof), which was built by Luke and Tina (former residents of Massachusetts) does not look like your typical tiny house.

Luke and Tina's creation is eclectic, purposeful and stylish.

These owners of "Backcountry Tiny Homes" are very practical people. Come discover the surprising interior of this tiny house on wheels. We imagine this tiny house in the countryside, it could be a nice cabin !

Good visit!


Note the small terrace on the roof of the house! This is the perfect place to have a good beer while enjoying the view!

Living room

This is what you see when you step inside the tiny house. The sofa is to the right of the glass doors. Quickly, you can see that it's a house that has lots of storage. The living room has a TV on the wall!

The living room, again

Here is a view of the same space, but from a little further back; from the bedroom loft, actually. You can see that the house does not lack shelves and storage compartments.

The kitchen

Looking down the center of the house (in the other direction), you will find a magnificent kitchen with a very large countertop made with natural wood. The kitchen has a hob, a small fridge, a sink and a "Crock-Pot".

The bathroom

Who says a tiny house should have a tiny shower? This one impresses us with the choice of materials and its size! This shower is really different from the ones we are used to see in tiny house.

Bathroom, again

The bathroom also features an indoor privy and a narrow sink with a cabinet underneath (storage again!) and a medicine cabinet against the wall.


Yes, it's the same house. In the next picture, you can see that the glass doors on the left, let in natural light in the tiny house. If you are in the nature, it gives you the impession that the nature is in your home!


And here is the master bedroom. Look at that floor space ! The bedroom has lots of storage. From the bedroom, residents have access to the terrace.

A cabin ?

Don't you think this tiny house on wheels would make a beautiful little cabin? Just big enough for two, not too small, not too big!

What do you think?