Did you break one of your favorite object? See how these 10 smart people repaired them.

The possibilities are limitless!

Tips and Crafts

An object that you particularly like has just broken? Whether it's you or someone else, don't panic! Don't throw it away! Discover instead how these 10 ingenious people have repaired these objects! The possibilities are limitless!

#1 Fix a bird bath with old DVD

#2 Transform a car accident into a 3D artwork

#3 Transform your broken flowerpots into fairy gardens

#4 Transform the drawings of your children on the walls in modern and creative patterns

#5 Repair the holes in your walls with Lego blocks

#6 Transform a hole in the wall into a piece of art by giving it a name that will remind you of the event

#7 Fix a ripped sofa with lace

#8 A water damage damaged your wall? No! Ninja Turtles are coming!

#9 Fix a broken cup with polymer clay

#10 Improve surfaces by filling cracks with crystal geode