Discover all the things you can do with your old egg cartons

Here's everything you can do with it!

Tips and Crafts

Do not toss your egg cartons!

Eggs are one of the most common breakfast foods in the world. You can make omelets, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and more! Ah the possibilities!

But the variety in egg creations are not the only thing that makes eggs great. Eggs provide many nutritional benefits and can help you lose weight!

But we are not here to talk about the benefits of eggs but all you can do with your old egg cartons!

It's crazy all you can do with it!

Good recycling!

Tip 1

Isn't it a super cute ladybug? This is one of the many craft projects you can do with egg cartons.

Tip 2

Are you a bird lover? Do you want the birds to come in your garden? Fill an egg carton with bird seed and use some rope or twine to hang your bird feeder from a tree.

Tip 3

If you do a lot of work around the house, or if you know someone who does, use this great tip: never lose another nut or bolt by placing these small pieces inside an egg carton.

Tip 4

Or, it can be easy to lose jewelry. You do not want to lose your small earrings or other accessories when you're getting ready for a party. Keep your jewelry organized by placing items inside of an egg carton.

Tip 5

If you work a lot on your laptop, you may have back pain. Correct this problem by using egg cartons to adjust the height of your laptop.

Tip 6

Place your nail polishes inside of an egg carton!

Tip 7

Have you lost your favorite office organizer? No problem. Keep your thumbtacks, paper clips and other items in an egg carton to prevent these items from spilling out on your desk.

Tip 8

Put the Christmas ornaments in an egg carton so they do not break. I love this idea!

Tip 9

Channel your inner Bob Ross! An egg carton is perfect for pouring paint! No more damage!

Tip 10

Just because an egg carton is empty does not mean it has to leave the refrigerator. Place an empty egg carton inside your refrigerator and use it to sort items like mustard bottles to prevent them from leaking into your fridge.

Tip 11

Use egg cartons to create a convenient storage for your ribbons!

Tip 12

Use an egg carton as a seed starter. When your seedlings are ready to be planted you can just plant the entire egg carton into the ground. It will disintergrate and won’t need to be removed.

Tip 13

You can turn an egg carton into a sewing kit!

Tip 14

An egg carton is perfect for the snack of children!

Tip 15

The baby socks are adorable, but they are also tiny and can get lost or separate from their twin socks quite easily. Try to place a pair in each slot to keep them together.

Tip 16

Kids love craft projects!

Tip 17

That's another fun DIY !

Tip 18

This project would be nice in a girl's room.

Tip 19

An egg carton is perfect for storing your little beads.

Tip 20

Do you like watching a TV show on your iPad? With a little imagination, an egg carton can become an iPad stand!