Discover how to turn an old canoe into a garden pond

Avoid digging the soil of your garden!

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Have you always dreamed of having a small garden pond ? But you did not know where to install it, how to decorate it, which pond pump is the best, what flowers can you plant, should we add fishes in it or not .. Finally ...! Where and how ?

And for you, a traditional pond seemed a little too ordinary ?

You were wainting to find THE good idea that would make you say YES! THAT'S IT! This is this idea that I want to realize in my garden?

Well maybe the idea of a natural pond in a canoe that you no longer use could attract you? You do not need to dig the soil of your garden, or adding tarp or pouring concrete to make the floor waterproof. The canoe will be perfect!

In addition to being so beautiful next to your terrace. Just add 3 wooden beams and rope and you'll feel in Gasp├ęsie!


It is also very easy to hide the pond pump under the terrace.

Add some flowerpots with Succulents in the gravel. To make a beautiful garden pond !

In the canoe, add flowerpots on the benches. In the water of aquatic plants that also filter the water, water lilies and without forgetting the goldfish! IF you want to have goldfish!


Or stabilize the canoe with homemade wooden stands and hide everything with plants ! To install the garden pond you can also use stones and flowers to hide the pond pump.


Some prefer simplicity! Only stones and water lilies added in the canoe to decorate it!


What to do with goldfish in winter:

If you decide to add goldfish to your garden pond, do some research on the Internet to find out what to do in winter with the goldfish.

Many people will buy a fish tank and will place their goldfish in this fish tank during winter. But others will leave the fish in the garden ponds even in winter. Yes, even in Quebec! Everything depends on certain conditions. Temperatures, fish size, pond depth etc.

Do your research before making the choice to add goldfish or not in your garden pond. It would be a shame to lose your goldfish in winter because you have not done the research necessary to take care of your goldfish.