Discover the surprising uses you can make with your orange peels!

Surprising tips!

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Don't throw away your old orange peels!

Most of us see orange peels as a "barrier" to the delicious juicy fruit we want to eat. Once we remove this "barrier", we throw it without.

But orange peels are much more than just a "barrier". They can be used in different ways in your home.

Here are some surprising ways to get the most out of your orange peels!

 Tip 1

Keep cats away from your plants! Some cats will use your plants as a chew toy or a bathroom. You can cut an orange peel into small pieces and place the pieces around the soil of your plants to keep your cats away. The smell of citrus will be too strong for them.

Tip 2

Bring a good smell to your home! You can boil some orange peels in the water for a few minutes, and also add mint or cinnamon, to make sure your kitchen smells good. You can also put some orange zest in a jar or glass dish and place it in a room.

Tip 3

Reduce anxiety! It seems that rubbing a little orange peel on your temple and forehead reduce your anxiety.

Tip 4

Keep your brown sugar soft!Prevent your brown sugar from hardening by placing an orange peel or two inside the container with the sugar. The oils in the peel help to attract moisture from the sugar. Replace the peel every month.

Tip 5

Keep the insects away! Keep some orange peels in areas where you spend time outside or where you find crawling insects in your home. Limonene in orange peels will keep mosquitoes, flies and ants away.

Trick 6

Natural fire starter! Orange peels burn longer than paper and can light your fire very quickly. It will also smell better too! Just make sure your orange peels are dried. Be careful because they are very flammable!

Tip 7

Clean the soap scum and water stains. Rub an orange peel on faucets, accessories and tiles to immediately remove soap scum and water stains. You can also fill your sink with warm water, mix some orange peels, and soak your glassware for five minutes to remove water stains.

Tip 8

Refresh the stinky shoes!Place some peels inside your stinky shoes overnight and let them absorb the odors and replace them with a fresh citrus scent.

Tip 9

Add some orange zest to a container filled with vinegar. Let it in your refrigerator for a few weeks, shaking it occasionally. When it's done, use the solution as an all-purpose cleaner in the house!

Tip 10

Place some peels in your garbage bucket or grind them into your garbage disposal to get rid of unpleasant odors. Hoping that these tips simplify your life! Share with your friends!