Discover this very easy technique to transfer pictures onto stones.

You can make decorations that can't be found in stores!

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You have already transfered photo to piece of wood and you loved it?

This time we will show you how to transfer photo to stone!

It's really easy to do and it's beautiful!

You can even make decorations for the home or make amazing fossil imitations!

You don't believe me? Look at the tutorial below and if you are not convinced yet, watch the video at the end of this article !

You will not believe it !

If children like insects or dinosaurs, teach them to make fossils on stone!

They will love you!

You will need:

- Cardboard or newspaper

- A printed image (preferably with a laser printer) or a photo

- A smooth, bright and lightly-colored stone

- Paper towels

- A bowl

- A spray bottle

- A sponge brush

- A paint brush

- Polycrylic, for waterproofing (De Serres, Micheals)

- Mod Podge (the yellow pot) (De Serres, Micheals)

How to do :

1) Place the stone on newspaper or a piece of cardboard

Source : Tip Hero

2) Cut the image so that it fits the stone

Source : Tip Hero

3) Apply Mod Podge on the stone with a sponge brush

Source : Tip Hero

4) Put the picture on the stone (face-side-down)

5) Use a credit card or plastic card to smooth the image on the stone and remove the air bubbles between the paper and the stone

6) Let dry all night

Source : Tip Hero

7) The next day, dip a cloth into the water and gently rub the paper to remove it from the stone.

Source : Tip Hero

8) Then use your fingers or a toothbrush to gently brush away the rest of the paper .

Source : Tip Hero

9) And the last step : apply a layer of Polycrylic with a brush to waterproof and protect the transfer of ink on the stone.

Source : Tip Hero

Source : Tip Hero

Do you like the idea? You can do the same thing, but this time you hide the fossil in the garden, and when the children find it, they will be amazed! They will be so impressed! Choose a laser-printed photos. And make the transfer to a smooth stone that you find outside, then bury it under the soil or sand!

Source : Tip Hero

Watch the video :

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Posted by Tip Hero on Tuesday, March 13, 2018