DIY: Mini Zen gardens using recycling items.

Use old glasses, jars or even coffee pots to make these beautiful zen gardens!

Tips and Crafts

If you are not lucky enough to have a big garden space, you can always have a mini Zen garden in a glass jar. It is easy to do and takes up very little space.

Here's how.


- Old jars, glass jars, coffee pots, light bulb, almost anything you can put something inside! 

- Small plants (hyacinth bulbs if it is winter, mint and basil in spring, small succulents for the whole year)

- Small pebbles

- Vegetable foam

- Soil


  1. Place a few pebbles at the bottom of previously washed and dried jars. This layer of pebbles will allow you to monitor the watering of your plants.
  2. Remove the plants and place them in the glass jar. Add a few pebbles all around and a little vegetable moss on top.
  3. Place these mini Zen gardens preferably next to a window.

Now, here is some inspiration!

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Beautiful, isn't it? Which one is your favourite?