DIY : Reuse plastic bottles to make surprise turtles for kids

A great craft idea for the kids!

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Published 2 years ago
DIY : Reuse plastic bottles to make surprise turtles for kids
Preschool Planet

Here's how to make cute surprise turtles for a kids birthday party or simply to spoil the little ones! 

Photo : Preschool Planet


- A plastic bottle (Soft drink 2L works well!)

- Green cardbaord (or the color of your choice)

- Scissors

- Glue

- Giggly eyes or buttons

- Felt-tip pens, glitter  (for decoration)

- candies, chocolates, stickers (surprises inside the turtles)


  1. Cut the bottle about 4 cm (1.5 inch) from the bottom to make the shell of the turtle.
  2. Place the shell on the cardboard and draw a turtle around it then cut the shape of the turtle's body
  3.  Put your kids favourite treats in the shell, then glue the shell on the body of the cardboard turtle.
  4.  Glue the eyes and let dry.
  5. Finally, draw a nose and a mouth to create a cute little head.

Tip: You can use plastic bottles of different colors to make these surprise turtles.

Photo : Luntiks

Another alternative is to use a sponge or Styrofoam to create the body of the turtle and turn them into fun water toys!

Photo : szinesotletek

For this turtle, you will need to use embroidery thread instead of glue so it can resist to water.

Photo : szinesotletek

Help your kids make these fun turtles and get ready for the pool this summer!

Photo : szinesotletek

You don't require fancy and expensive materials to make fun crafts! Often time, the best crafts can be made with things you can find in your recycling bin!