DIY: “Toasty Snowman” featuring mini bottles of alcohol to get into the holiday spirit!

Let's be honest, we all need it after this crazy year!

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Before you know it, it will be Christmas again! A period that some anticipate with pessimism this year, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Soaking up the holiday magic can be quite tricky right now. So we have to find new ways to add joy to our homes.

If spring has been the season for Zoom sessions with a few glasses of wine, winter might just need something little stronger… So people thought of a new way to celebrate and relax. But everything must be done in moderation ;-) 

To make your home more cheerful and bright, many make their own holiday decorations.

Some people have already started putting out their Christmas decorations because, honestly, why not?!? If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that there are no rules! 

An internet user had the idea of creating a "Toasty the Snowman"! A decorative snowman that is for adults only to enjoy.


Of course, we can also create a version for children or adults who do not want to consume alcohol. Simply replace the booze by bottle of juice or other non-alcoholic drinks.

But for this version with alcohol, you will need mini bottles of your favorite drinks, three glass (or transparent plastic) bowls of different sizes and some decorative accessories (adhesive eyes, scarf, hat, artificial mistletoe...)


It is then very easy to do. Simply place the sweets (alcohol, chocolates or candies) in each bowl, on artificial snow (styrofoam seeds).

Then stack the bowls and decorate them to resemble a snowman.


Let your imaginations go, you can totally use what you already have at home (with COVID, who wants to go shopping more than we need to?). You can integrate a winter scene, lights ... whatever you want!

You can then display Toasty the Snowman near the fireplace or the Christmas tree… But you also can offer it to all our loved ones, adding photos or sweet words, to anybody that needs it! 


What do you think about this idea? Are you going to reproduce it in your own way?