DIY: two creative and easy advent calendar ideas!

You only need toilet paper rolls or socks!

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Christmas is coming faster than you might think and we have two great ideas to help you count the days! This year, instead of buying a chocolate advent calendar, you could make your own! It is very easy and quite inexpensive. The kids will surely love it and the older "kids" too! ;-) 

1. Baby Sock Advent Calendar 

This adorable idea comes from famous Martha Stewart. And a good way to use any orphan socks you might have! 

Material :

  • 24 socks (orphan socks, small socks, etc)
  • 24 clothespins (preferably small)
  • Numbers (stickers works well) 
  • A long string or ribbon
  •  Small gifts

Directions :

  1.  Arrange the socks in the order you want to hang them. There is no specific rule! 
  2. Number them from 1 to 24 by using stickers or a sharpie.  
  3. Insert a little surprise into each sock.
  4. Hang the string in the place chosen for the advent calendar.
  5. Hang the socks on the string using the clothespins next to each other.

This beautiful garland of socks will help children count the days until Christmas and get them a little surprise every day! 

You can put small toys, treats but also a sweet note or a voucher for their activity - no need to spend a lot of money! 

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

2. Empty Toilet Paper Rolls Wreath 

You probably have a lot of toilet paper rolls this year due to the pandemic! Why not give them a fabulous second life by using them to create your own advent calendar. 

Material :

  • 25 empty toilet paper rolls
  • gift wrapping paper 
  • scissors 
  • glue
  • paint
  • ribbons 
  • little surprises
  • large box


  • Arrange the rolls to form a circle on the cardboard.
  • Trace the approximate dimensions of the wreath.
  • Cut out the shape of the wreath and paint it with spray paint or regular paint. 
  •  Insert a little surprise in each roll.
  • Wrap each roll using wrapping paper and ribbons.
  •  Number the wrapped rolls from 1 to 25.
  •  Glue the rollers to the wreath.

Which one is your favourite? Will you be making your own advent calendar this year?