Do not throw your old coffee, you could have missed something!

You will change your mind after reading what you can do with it!

Tips and Crafts

When you have finished drinking your coffee in the morning (or in the afternoon!) What do you do with the coffee beans? You throw them away? It's a mistake, you are wasting an amazing resource!

You should start keeping the coffee grounds because there are dozens of ways to use them!

Plants. Add coffee grounds to the soil of your indoor or outdoor plants. In addition to fattening plants, coffee grounds keep ants and other insects away.

Sink and waste disposal. The coffee grounds will also be useful in the kitchen: to clean your pipes, pour a teaspoon of coffee, a few drops of dish soap and boiling water. All the grease accumulated in the pipes will dissolve. Your waste diposal will smell good if you regularly pour coffee grounds after using it. [pub]

Saucepans. It will be easier to clean greasy pans if you pour coffee grounds. Use a paper towel to remove the coffee grounds full of grease, then wash the pan with soap.

Fridge. The coffee grounds absorb bad smells, so remember to leave a bowl full of coffee grounds the fridge and replace it regularly.

Smells of food on hands. Your hands smell the fish, the onions, or the garlic you cooked? Pour some coffee grounds on your hands, rub and rinse them well. The smell will disappear! 

Cellulite. Coffee grounds are the most effective way to eliminate cellulite! A massage with coffee beans is a good body scrub and reduce the orange peel effect. Mix 1 cup of coffee grounds and 4 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil. Massage affected area, leave the mixture for 10 minutes, then rinse. Repeat often to see amazing results!

Face. Coffee grounds are a very good body scrub, even for the face! Damp the coffee grounds before rubbing the skin, or pour your skincare in your hand and add a teaspoon of coffee before washing.

Acne. Combine the coffee grounds with milk in order to get a paste. Spread the mixture on the skin of the face avoiding the eye and lip contour. Leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Hair. For smooth, shiny hair, add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to your hair conditioner. Apply and rinse normally. Beware, coffee grounds are not recommended for blondes because it is a natural dye.

Fleas. Did you know that coffee grounds keep fleas away? When washing your dog, add 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds to the shampoo.