Do not throw your old used windows in the garbage, transform them in a brilliant way

Do not get rid of your old windows until you see this!

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Published 5 years ago
Do not throw your old used windows in the garbage, transform them in a brilliant way

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on old wooden windows, do not hesitate to take them!

We can do such beautiful things with these old windows! Frames, a beautiful mini greenhouse, a headboard for a super romantic decor! Tables ... And they give our creations an antique and romantic look that no other material can give!

Unfortunately, they are becoming more and more rare ... So if you have some in your possession, take great care of them!

Meanwhile, see this super project that this man made for his wife! A very large greenhouse, mounted on a stone flooring, all made of old windows found in the garbage!

In the bedroom

Very simple and yet magnificent. 4 windows as a headboard! An incredibly successful Shabby Chic look!

As a practical decoration

I just love it! A simple idea, a beautiful way to fill a white wall. The hanging basket and the hat add a nice touch of decoration.

In the bathroom

A great way to save on the shower door for the cottage, especially if your cottage is decorated in Shabby Chic!

As a frame

Enlarge your most beautiful lovers picture. There is nothing more romantic in my opinion!

Or make a beautiful montage of the most beautiful family photos! You could also stick postcards of the most beautiful travel destinations you have made.

For storing jewelry

Remove the glass from the window and add small wire mesh to make it a great jewelry holder! What a beautiful and good idea!

In the vestibule

What a good idea! Add wall hooks to the window, hang it on the vestibule wall and decorate it. Is it not so beautiful?

As a coffee table

Make a table from a wooden pallet and a window! It's super simple!

As a service tray

DIY a serving tray with an old window! Glue decorative Washi tapes! They have a lot of beautiful colors and beautiful patterns!

In the garden

So simple! Just had to think about it! Attach a board that you will first drill and you will be able to place pretty flower pots!

As a greenhouse

Have you always dreamed of having a small greenhouse? You can make one with a few windows!

He made this magnificent greenhouse with a pile of worn windows found in the garbage!

What a beautiful idea! And his wife is so happy about it! Wooooow ... The dream of all gardeners ...

You could also build it smaller! If you do not have as much window!

This one also serves as furniture-deco! And it is beautiful!