Do you drink a lot of tea? You should plant the used bags instead of throwing them away!

Boost your garden with used tea bags!

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Published 3 years ago
Do you drink a lot of tea? You should plant the used bags instead of throwing them away!
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Who doesn't like to enjoy a nice cup of tea in the evening especially when it gets a little bit more chilly! If your home consume a lot of tea, you should definitely keep the used bags instead of throwing them in the garbage bin. Why? For the garden! 

They are so useful for many things, just keep reading below to learn more.

1. Make Compost

Tea bags are made from a relative of the banana which means the bag will break down and "disappear" within six months! 

2. Add Nutriments 

Tea leaves are filled with nutriments and tannic acid which are a natural fertilizer! The tea bags will create a healthy growing environment as they decompose and release nutriments. 

3. Natural Bug Repellent 

Did you know that used tea bags and coffee ground are basically natural pests repellent? The odour they release will help keep bugs away from your plants! 

4.  Keep Pets From Urinating 

Used tea bags and coffee grounds are work great to keep your cat away from your favourite plants! Tip: you can also use this tip indoor! 

5. Grow A Tea Garden

Use loose-leaf tea or tea bags to grow a garden! All the instructions are available on KCC website. 

6. Helps With Water Retention

Burying tea bags at the root of plants/flowers/vegetable will help the help to retain water and be healthier.

7. Reduce Weeds

Keep weeds at bay by burying tea bags in the garden! 

8. Feed The Worms 

Worms will eat the tea leaves and produce a "nutrient-rich fertilizer output" that will make the soil healthier for growing plants! 

If you don't drink tea, it might be time to start - it will help your garden!