Do you like houses that have a simple decor and a warm atmosphere?

You will love this one!

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A Craftsman style house

Located in a corner of a street in Seattle, this magnificent new building, made by First Lamp Architecture, was built in the same style as the houses of the 1920s and 1930s. It looks like an old building.

The house measures 2,800 square feet (260 square meters), and it also has two porches.

What impresses with this house is how simple it is. Yes, the house is very big but its interior decoration is not ostentatious : very simple, no bright colors.

Every room in the house is beautifully decorated ! I invite you to discover this lovely house, very simple but very warm.

Good visit!


Let's start the visit with the kitchen, often the heart of a house. The main floor of the house has an open-plan concept, and this beautiful kitchen is the key element. The fir wood floors are like in the 1930s and 1940s, and the white cabinets keep the room bright and spacious. The huge kitchen island provides plenty of space to eat, cook and store kitchen stuff!

The kitchen, again

Because it is really beautiful, here is another picture of the kitchen. Isn't it really nice ?

Dining room

We find the dining room, adjacent to the kitchen. The dining room has many elements associated with the Craftsman style. There are multi-paned windows in the dining room and practical built-in cabinets are installed beneath all the large windows. Beautiful paneling are installed on the lower half of the walls.

Living room

The living room has the same fir floors as in the kitchen and dining room, and also has plenty of built-in storage. The fireplace with its beautiful mantelpiece catches the eye when entering the room.

Main bedroom

I do not know how many bedrooms the house has, but I have at least one picture of the master bedroom to show you! There is a magnificent cathedral ceiling in the master bedroom. The windows and pale colors of the room make it a perfect bedroom to relax after a long day!

Adjacent bathroom

The luxurious master bathroom has a large tiled shower and a large vanity unit to get ready in the morning. What about this huge shower?

Rear entrance

Even the rear entrance is well organized! The storage is effective for all the shoes and clothes of the family!


A large patio, with more privacy is hidden behind the house, away from the hustle and bustle of the street. An roof keeps the space protected but open and the charming contrast between dark gray and white paint is particularly visible in this area. Note how this place is simply decorated, just like the rest of this house: that makes the beauty of this house.

What do you think of this house?

I leave you with two more photos of the interior of the house. Do not you think it has a sense of calm and serenity? The house is very big but it's not austere!