Do you like owls? You will love these 15 beautiful cakes.

15 models of owl cakes, they are all adorable!

Tips and Crafts

If you're good at pastry decorating, you'll love watching every little details in these pictures!

Here are 15 owl cakes!

Whether you prefer pastry decorating with almond paste, sugar paste, also known as fondant, or with buttercream frosting, you'll find great cake decorating ideas right here!

Have you ever tried a technique with fondant? Get some sugar paste in a bakery and watch videos on youtube to learn how to make simple pastry decorating. You will learn quickly and easily!

In the meantime, here are 15 great owl patterns to make with 2 fun methods! Fondant and buttercream!

1) All in purple and turquoise!

2) A small cake ball

3) And that's how we make a cake ball!

4) I love stripes!

5) Dare to mix colors!

6) This one is made with butter cream and a pastry bag!

7) The colors are beautiful!

8) Gift for a seamstress!

9) It is so realistic!

10) Here it's on a biscuit!

11) It is simply beautiful!

12) For a Christening!

13) It's so cute! For a 1 year old girl, it would be perfect!

14) I love the mix of pink and yellow!

15) For the birth of a newborn baby!