Do you remember these 13 old-school candies?

They will surely bring back sweet memories to many of you!

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Each Halloween, many adults are nostalgic as they remember the treats of their childhood. It was much tastier back then, in our memories! Some are still on the market (but they don't taste like they used to, it seems!) But others seem to have disappeared from the stores.

Let's take a little trip back in time and remember our youthful sweets in a few pictures!

Which ones did you prefer?

1. Bazooka bubble gum 

These little bubble gum that contained mini comics are an important childhood memory for most of us. Their flavor didn't last super long, but it was seconds of pure pink bliss!


2. NIP-N-SIP Wax Sticks 

We don't really know what's in this stuff, but most kids liked it!

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3. Astro Pop

This lollipop, said to be "the longest in the world", was invented in the 1960s by two scientists who previously worked for NASA. It was the time of space madness and they wanted to evoke a rocket. There was wax on the end, a practice now abandoned. Even the most "crunchy" among us took a while to finish this sticky treat. It was a good investment!


4. Soap gum

It is not known who came up with the idea of creating such a treat, but nothing has ever been invented like this since. A great classic in schoolyards!

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5. Candy necklaces

They can still be found at the convenience store, but their taste still seems to have been modified (according to our memories!). Who has never put on a bracelet or a necklace, to eat pieces of sweet jewelry from time to time? The rubber band was getting runny and we were happy!


6. The Pez

These candy dispensers are the joy of collectors. But let's face it, the container was more attractive than the content!


7. The Taffy

This fruity paste stuck on the teeth and we loved it! They have since changed packaging, but are still available in some stores. 


8. Sweets in a trash can

They can still be found in candy stores and kids still love to say "Mom!" I'm eating an old fish ”,“ Daddy! I swallow a bottle! "The simple joys of childhood.


9. Fruit powder

It feels like the plastic fruits have shrunk in size, but you can still swallow super sweet powder!


10. The Fun Dips

The oldest among us will remember that at the beginning, this bag only included a stick of candy! It was not enough! Especially when you liked to bite it. All that powder spilled in our houses!


11. Pop Rocks - Crackling Candy

Do you remember those little colored granules exploding in our mouths? A real party! Back in the day, an urban legend even circulated about this delicacy. It was said that if we consumed it while drinking Coca-Cola, we could die, because our stomachs would explode!

12. Jaw Breakers 

These big balls could pass for chewing gum. However, to get to the little gum inside, you had to let dozens of hard colored layers melt first. But obviously, there were several of us who managed to break them. We used to have good teeth!

13. Popeye cigarettes

It was long before the anti-smoking lobbies. The tip was red, so we could pretend to smoke. That was the whole point. Nowadays, this product is described as a stick and it tastes more like flour ...

What is your favourite childhood candy?