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Do you want to learn how to crochet? Here are the 3 basic stitches to know

The advantage of learning in video is that we learn at our own pace

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Have you dreamed for a long time to know how to crochet? But you're too shy or you don't have the courage to join a course and learn how to crochet, because you're afraid not being able to be as good as the others?

What would you say, if we told you that you can learn at home, in your comfortable living room, the day you want, at the time you want, for free and at your own pace? That you can stop the person who teaches you how to crochet, as often as you want without disturbing the people around you? That you can make mistakes and start all over as many times as you can or want.

Would all these reasons make you decide to finally learn crochet? Would you dare to go over all your fears to make your wish come true and start this beautiful hobby that would allow you to make tons of beautiful things for you and for all the people you love?

Well, the solution is very simple. Just watch this video tutorial to learn these 3 basic stitches:

-The half double crochet

-The double crochet

-And the triple crochet

And once you've understood these 3 basic stitches, you can find more video tutorials on YouTube to learn more crochet stitches and start your new hobby. You will enjoy to crochet!

You will see, you can easily follow step by step the process to create these stitches, her explanations are very clear and simple!

In the second video, you will discover ideas to get organized when you'll have a lot of material!

- Store your wool balls

- Store the crochet hooks

- Store the knitting needles

- Store the patterns

Watch the video: