Do you wear glasses? Here are 9 tips that will make life a little more easy for you

Affordable suggestions for people who wear eyeglasses

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Waking up each day with blurred vision is already annoying. If this is you, here are 9 suggestions to make your life easier!

1. Pre-moistened disposable wipes

To easily remove dirt from your lenses, Zeiss cleaning cloths are really effective. In addition, they are versatile, in addition to cleaning eyeglasses, they can be used for wiping the phone, computer screen or mirror. They leave no traces!

They are available on Amazon for about $19.23


2. A reusable microfiber cleaning brush

This brush easily cleans both sides of the lenses on your eyeglass, so you can read comfortably without seeing spots. A pack of 4 brushes will cost you $12.99 on


3. Adapted earphones

Finally headphones that go above the ear, which are not painful and stay in place! The self-adjusting band is certainly not a gimmick; it really works!

About $64.

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4. An elegant stainless steel chain

When you remove your glasses, you will know exactly where they are. For $24.99, it's a bargain!

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5. A mini toolkit

When you lose a small screw or a pad, it is annoying to always have to make an appointment with the optometrist just for that. It's easier to equip yourself with a kit to do it yourself at home! You will find the ideal kit on Amazon for about $35.

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6. Non-slip hooks

These hooks will keep your glasses in place even when you bend over to fasten your shoes. The beauty of this: they only cost $4.99 on Amazon!

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7. A natural wax

This easy-to-apply wax prevents your pads from sliding down your nose! 3 formats available. Starting from $25.

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8. A set of nose pads

Do not worry about looking for a fallen pad. Get a box of 150 pads for around $45.

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9. An anti-fog spray

When rain or cold fog your glasses, it's never pleasant. This vaporizer will solve that problem! Starting from $16.

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