Don't throw away your used candles, their glass container can be so useful

Had to think about it!

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Repurpose the glass jars of your candles

Because with these jars and lids, you can make a nice set for the bathroom.

Store Q-tips and cotton balls so they are not covered in dust on the counter near the sink.

You will always have at your disposal all the stuff you need for your make up, or remove your make-up, without spoiling the decor of your beautiful bathroom.

Besides, they will be so nice that no one will notice that you have made them yourself!

Would you like to make this project while recycling candle jars?

You will need:

- 2 candle jars with lids

- 2 glass knobs

- A screwdriver or another tool to remove the remaining wax

- Soap to remove all traces of wax in the jars

- E6000 Glue

- Rubbing alcohol (isopropanol)

- A primer

- Spray paint (optional)

- Self-adhesive letters

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How to do:

1) Light the candles

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2) Use a screwdriver or another tool to remove the remaining wax in the bottom of the jar

Source: Mommy Suite

3) Use a soap of your choice to clean the jars

Source: Mommy Suite

4) Then use rubbing alcohol to remove all traces of wax in the bottom of the jars

Source: Mommy Suite

5) Spray the primer on lids

6) Wait until the primer is dry, then spray the paint of the color of your choice

Source: Mommy Suite

7) Then use the E6000 glue to glue the knobs on the lids

E6000 glue is a very powerful glue, but it is very long to dry. It is necessary to wait 24h to 48h before using the object

Source: Mommy Suite

8) Meanwhile, fill the jars with the same amount of water, to create a baseline. This makes it easier to put on the label and make sure that you are doing it straight.

This is a brilliant trick, right?

Had to think about it !!

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9) If you do not have a machine to print lettering, like Cameo, get some stickers from a hardware store (De Serres, Micheals) to make the words of your choice :

- Cotton balls

- Cotton swabs

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10) And finally, put away your cotton balls and cotton swabs in your beautiful decorative jars!

Source: Mommy Suite

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