Easter chocolate ducklings were removed from shelves after accusations of racism

In your opinion, is it justified or exaggerated ?

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Easter chocolate ducklings were removed from shelves after accusations of racism

Easter is a great fun, happy and chocolatey party.

But even though Easter treats are usually fun and cheerful, chocolates have recently caused a lot of anger. All because of a line of chocolate ducklings found in the Waitrose UK supermarket.

These are three different chocolate ducklings, packed together. Each one has its own name: "Crispy" for the milk chocolate duck, "Fluffy" for the white chocolate duck. The controversy comes with dark chocolate: the duckling was named "Ugly" .

Some customers are offended. Among all the names they could choose, why this one? The marketing department did not foresee the potential « scandal"?

The angry customer who found the chocolates wrote this on Twitter: "Crispy, Fluffy and Ugly - The trio of Easter ducklings at #waitrose. Moche is black on the right. Thousands of other options ... why #ugly ????? « 

The supermarket has since apologized, removed the chocolates from the shelves to change the labeling of the product and put it on sale again.

Twitter - @livia_aliberti 

“We are very sorry for any upset caused by the name of this product, it was absolutely not our intention to cause any offence,” the stated. We removed the product from sale several weeks ago while we changed the labelling and our ducklings are now back on sale,” the company said.

Well, everything is settled then! But no…

Because many other people have not found the chocolates offending and are outraged that the supermarket had to apologize for such a minor problem.

“It’s only chocolate, get a life!” wrote someone.

“Ooh crispy duck, fluffy duck and ugly duck what’s so bad about that? My mum had hens called chicken pie and chicken dinner, much the same dark humour,” someone else wrote.

Not to mention that many think that the name "Ugly" comes from the old classic story of "Ugly Duckling".

“Don’t forget, the ugly duckling turns out to be a swan, which is seen as one of the most beautiful and elegant creatures out there,” recalls one user on Twitter.

The fact that this costs £8 is far more offensive,” someone said.

Good point.

But… maybe the name of the black duck comes from the fact that it is dotted with pink spots, as if it had bathed in the paint?

Do you find this story offensive or do you think that accusations of racism are exaggerated? Who thought we could tear ourselves up for food ...

Moreover, the story does not even tell if the chocolate is good ...