Easy solutions to clean your walls without ladder.

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Washing the walls is not easy.

If you are small and have high walls, you certainly don't want to climb to thoroughly clean your home.

The Clean Mama website has the solution for you!

First, it is recommended to focus on the areas where the family is walking most often to locate fingerprints, food stains and other dirt.

Clean Mama

Here are the tools you need:

- Castile soap or dish soap

- A container to put soapy water

- A microfiber cloth

- A long handled brush

Clean Mama

Use a brush with soft bristles or a broom to get rid of dust.

Clean Mama

Then, depending on the level of dirt that needs to be cleaned on your walls, Clean Mama suggests two types of cleaning compounds:

For a simple cleaning

- Half a gallon of hot water

- One or two drops of Castile soap or dish soap

For a big housework

- Half a gallon of hot water

- Two tablespoons of white vinegar

With these tips, you will not need to scrub for long, you walls will be clean in no time!