Facebook is ending a popular Messenger feature

A change that may displease many users!

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Published 2 months ago
Facebook is ending a popular Messenger feature
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It will no longer be possible to read or send text messages (SMS) via Meta's Messenger application for Android.

Starting in September, it will no longer be possible to use Messenger as the default text messaging application.

While this option had been removed on iOS, now it's Android devices' turn.

Meta's announcement has caused confusion among several internet users, as they sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between a Messenger message and an SMS.

Indeed, many people believe that SMS is the same as Messenger messages, but there is a difference!

Regarding SMS, they are messages sent via a phone number and directed to another phone number through the cellular network of our mobile service provider, whereas a message on Messenger will be sent from one Facebook account to another Facebook account, thanks to the internet.

In other words, a Messenger message is not an SMS since it is not sent via a cellular network, but rather mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection.

In the announcement of the end of this option, Meta explained that text messages will no longer be available starting on September 28, 2023: "If you use Messenger as the default messaging app for texts on your Android device, please note that you will no longer be able to use Messenger to send texts and receive those sent by your mobile network after updating the app from September 28, 2023."

However, Meta assured that it would still be possible to access your contacts: "You will still be able to send and receive texts via your mobile network and access your texting history through your phone's new default messaging app. If you don't choose your new default messaging app, your texts will be moved to your phone's default messaging app, such as the Android Messages app or iMessage, for example."

Many people will surely be reassured to know that they will still be able to communicate!