Famous rapper Post Malone donated 10,000 Crocs to hospital workers.

Remember when everyone was wearing Crocs? Do you still have yours?

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Famous rapper Post Malone donated 10,000 Crocs to hospital workers.

Post Malone is famous for his face tattoos "Always Tired" and, his introspective songwriting and laconic vocal style. He is incredible popular with teens and young adults. And he could now be the favourite singer of hospital workers! 

Malone has already given his custom line Crocs to students and other communities across the world. He has now decided to donate thousands - 10,000 to be more precise - of Crocs to front line workers who are spending many hours on their feet battling the pandemic.  You should know that his custom line called Post Malone x Crocs Duet Max Clog II have been sold-out as soon as they hit the market! 

The singer's collaboration with Crocs went on sale on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 202 and retails for $59.99. They come in two colours, black and pink and sold out in under two hours after they went on sale. 

Post Malone teamed up with a charity called "Musician on Call" which help bring some music and joy to hospitals. 

“The stress of the pandemic on staff in all areas of the hospital has been unrelenting and we have been doing what we can to continue bringing them the joy of live music,” said the charity. “We are so grateful to Post Malone and Crocs for joining us in providing even more relief when they need it the most through this generous donation. Thanks to them, caregivers at 70 hospitals nationwide will have the added support of their Crocs to help them through their day.”

Do you still wear Crocs?