Find out what the shape of your nose has to say about your personality!

What type of nose do you have?

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Scientists all over the world are tackling deep questions every day. They study the human body, its mind, natural phenomena and much more. While some are looking for a cancer vaccine, others are interested in entirely different topics.

Researchers studied different types noses and it appears that is has a lot to do with individual personalities! 

If you are interested in the topic, look at the result associated with your own nose type. Do you believe that these descriptions true?

1. Roman nose

People who display this type of enlarged nose, with the tip slanting downwards, would be courageous and know how to make decisions and think clearly. They are said to have ambition and love challenges. Usually, they thrive as they reach adulthood.


2. Small nose

People with rather small, upward-pointing noses, showing the nasal passages, would find it difficult to achieve spiritual and physical maturity. They think they know everything when in reality they are clueless people ... which can sometimes embarrasses them.


3. Aquiline nose

This nose would belong to strategic people, endowed with an entrepreneurial and sometimes even aggressive mentality. These people would also have a great capacity for resistance.


4. Trumpet nose

A nose with a vertical and rounded tip is called a trumpet nose. This nose would represent pragmatic, reliable and balanced individuals.


5. Hooked nose

People with a hooked nose often aspire to success. Women who have one would be particularly noticed in the educational world and have a strong business instinct.


6. Straight nose (Greek nose)

People with a Greek nose tend to think clearly and be tolerant. They are reliable people who can be trusted. They also are often connoisseurs of the arts. Men with straight noses often work in media, communications, run businesses, or are artists. Women with this nose work more as freelancers, as assistants or models.


7. Irregular nose

An irregular nose would be a symbol of a strong character. These people are often very generous.


8. Flat nose

That nose would reveal a person with a lot of ability and a lot of humour ... On the other hand, people with a flat nose would be pessimistic about their prospects for life.


9. Narrow nose

People who have such a nose are often self-confident. They are also believed to be stubborn, vulnerable individuals with a special interest in spiritual things.


10. High nose

People with this kind of nose generally understand the art world well. They are also conceited and worried and tend to feel easily alone.


11. Short nose

A short nose is said to be a sign that a person has little self-confidence and would rather keep their opinions open or be indecisive. People with this type of nose would be liberal and jealous.


12. Fleshy nose

It is a type of nose that is mostly found in men. People with fleshy noses are usually generous, emotional, and sensitive, yet cautious, not liking to speculate. They are willing to help others.

Women with this nose can have great abilities in the field of business management, among others, in hotels or restaurants.


What does your nose have to say about you?