Five beautiful tiny homes that cost less than $12,000.

Maybe this will convince you to downsize?

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Do you want to live without debt and a mortgage? The tiny house mouvement might be for you! But you will have to downsize considerably and live a more "minimalist" life. If this idea sounds appealing to you, here are five beautiful tiny homes that are less than $12,000. 

1. Upcycled Shipping Pallets House

Macy Miller from Mini Motives purchased an old RV for only $500 and renovated it into her dream 96-square-foot home. They even have a toddler and a 150-pound Great Dane dog, so there is really no valid excuse! Everything is possible in a tiny house. 

Mini Motives

2. Tiny "Tree House"

This elaborate treehouses for adults only cost $4,000 and some even make it their permanent home! This one was build by Dave Herrle from Herrle Custom Carpentry for his wife and took only six weeks to build! It would make a great cabin, what do you think?

Herrle Custom Carpentry

 3.  Dome Tiny House

Called "Bini Shells" these tiny houses are made with concrete using a "papier-mâché" like process. It could be yours for around $3,500! They were first used as emergency shelters but then the tiny house mouvement started to adopt them as permanent homes! Very original. 

Bini Shells

4. Tiny Vacation House

Are you dreaming of a vacation house or a week-end cottage? They are so pricey! This company called "Pin Up Houses"  sells building plans for tiny homes that cost less than $3,000 - way easier to afford! 

Pin Up Houses

5. $500 Tiny House 

Scott Brooks build his tiny house for only $500 using salvaged materials and he is living his best life! 

Scott Brooks

What do you think of the tiny house mouvement? Are you tempted to sell everything and downsize?