For $ 875 a night, you can sleep in a cave.

A unique Airbnb rental!

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An original location!

Are you a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien? Because it could be the Airbnb rental of your dreams.

This Airbnb rental is located in Hobbiton, just west of Sydney, Australia. This Airbnb rental is absolutely beautiful! If youlike to sleep in different 'houses', then you will love this cave !

However, we it's $ 875 per night to sleep in this place: are you still interested?

Visit the cave before answering ... you never know.

It's definitely a unique Airbnb rental!

A natural cave

The house is built into a natural rock platform on the cliffside. The queen bed sits next to the fireplace, partially set into the rocks. From the bed, you have breathtaking views of the nature all around you.

I must admit that the view is impressive. The room is open but can be closed with sliding glass doors.

Great comfort!

Do not expect to live like a caveman by renting this place for a weekend getaway. The cave offers all the necessary comforts such as: a television, a small kitchenette, a beautiful bathroom and a super comfortable bed!

This cave is called the Enchanted Cave or the Cave of Love. We guess that this cave is very popular with couples.


The small kitchenette has a two-burner stove, small oven, sink, mini-fridge and lots of counter space. It's a kitchen unique !


When you rent a place like that, you want to be able to enjoy the view. Make a good coffee when you wake up in the morning, go out on the balcony and enjoy this beautiful landscape !


The Flinstone-like bathroom boasts a spa and moon-shaped window peeking out to the wilderness. Hand-cut natural tile floors surround the small jacuzzi tub with jets. There is also a gorgeous, asymmetrical wood mirror that gives the illusion of another window and more space. There is also an outdoor shower on the front deck. Don’t worry, there aren’t any neighbors!

We must admit, this Airbnb rental stands out from the others.

A different getaway

"The Cave stirs something in our biology, a primitive memory of our beginning; of when we lived in a simpler world and simpler times. And like a refuge, we can visit and stay inside it, use its protection against the hassles and stresses of modern life."

Do you want to rent this cave ?

If the expensive price of this cave would not be a problem: would you like to sleep in this cave?