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From a 60s ski lodge to a beautiful Scandinavian style home; see this incredible transformation!

The house now has a Scandinavian atmosphere.

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Now a fabulous home!

Do you like renovations? Are you a fan of the attention to detail it takes to invest in the transformation of a house?

Then you will undoubtedly want to see these impressive photos taken when this ski lodge from the 60s was beautifully transformed.

The residence looks nothing like it used to and now has a superb Scandinavian style interior.

Take a look, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Good visit!

A Jane Hope transformation

Jane Hope is the designer behind this transformation. She is the co-founder of TAXI, an internationally recognized design firm. The impressiveness of this transformation on so many levels can be best appreciated by looking at the pictures of the exterior. The house now has a Scandinavian atmosphere.

Exterior, continued

Occupants have a fantastic view of the valley below. The choice of installing a transparent railing in order to not obstruct the view was pure genius!

Cathedral ceiling

I unfortunately do not have photos of the lodge's interior, before it was transformed, but I can't help but marvel at the cathedral ceiling in this residence; what a majestic impression!

You can also enjoy a view of the entrance and the dining room.


The house now has a huge open air space that includes the living room, dining room and kitchen. How can you not be impressed by this mansion?

Do you like this kind of Kitchen with neutral tones?

The view!

The people who live in this house enjoy the incredible view all year long: it is as beautiful in summer as it is in winter, autumn and spring! Now we can even more appreciate the choice of a transparent guardrail!

Open area

This picture shows you another angle of the open area. There's so much room to breathe in this house! What do you think so far?

Living room

The living room finds itself at a bit of a lower level but remains part of the main area nonetheless. It also provides incredible views! What do you think of this subdued decor, without all the without ostentation? I'm just in love with this lodge!


I only have one picture of the bedrooms, however, it is enough to give you a good idea of the atmosphere; they include the same exposed wooden beams found in the living room as well as the same style of decor that's found in the rest of the house. The decor is subdued, without gaudy colors; the perfect place to relax wouldn't you say?v


I do not know how many bathrooms the house has but this one (the visible portion) is splendid!v

That concludes the viewing of this ski lodge converted into a magnificent home. Do you like it? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts!