From F1 to F12, here are all the secrets of these keys to save time on your computer

All their functions revealed!

Tips and Crafts

Knowing what the F1 to F12 keys are can be very handy. They are shortcuts that can make life easier when working on our computer.

Here are their functions:

F1: open the help option for almost every program.

F2: Rename a program or file.

F3: Open a search bar in the program currently in use.

F4: Alt + F4 close the window.

F5: Refreshe the page.

F6: Place the cursor on the search bar of internet browsers.

F7: Check spelling and grammar on a Microsoft Word program.

F8: Access the start menu when the computer turns on.

F9: Refresh a Microsoft Word document and send and receive e-mail with Microsoft Outlook.

F10: Open the menu bar in a program. Shift + F10 also serves as a right click.

F11: Switch on and off the full screen on an web browser.

F12: Save a document on Microsoft Word.

Now you know everything!