Fun DIY project for kids: a little flying bee.

A new DIY idea to entertain the little ones!

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Here's a new DIY idea to do with kids at daycare, at school or with children at home ! DIY crafts for 3 year olds and over, you can help them to make this cute flying bee.

Beautiful flying bees with their little wings ! They are cute and children can play with their creation once the DIY finished.

Would you like to make this fun DIY project ? It is made with simple materials that you already have at home !

A simple idea to make bees with little wings ! It is only the paper folded behind the bee that makes the flapping motion of the wings. Are you curious ? Watch the video at the end of this article, then the pattern and photos. You will understand everything!

Here's how to make beautiful flying bees just with paper !

You will need :

- Free pattern that you will find under the video

- Standard white printer paper

- Black construction paper

- Scissors

- Glue stick

- Crayons : Yellow, red and blue

How to do :

1) Print the pattern of the bee after enlarging it to the desired size

2) Cut out the pattern

3) Color the lines of the bee with the yellow crayon

4) Color the cheeks of the bee with the red crayon

5) Color the wings of the bee with blue crayon

6) Cut strips in the black construction paper to make the 2 antennas and 6 the legs

7) Fold the 6 legs and stick them on the back of the bee with glue stick

8) Glue the antennas to the back of the bee's head with the glue stick

9) Fold the wings behind the bee and and make it fly !

Children can insert their hand inside the bee's to make the bee puppet fly like a real one ! Your children will love this project and these little bees are so cute !

A great DIY project to celebrate the arrival of spring !


Watch the video :

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Free pattern :

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