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He heated the back of his knife, and he saved money ...

This is a very useful trick to know at this time of the year!

Tips and Crafts

It's back to school and harvest time ... That means you'll have plenty of food packaging to do. Whether it is for the kids' lunches or to store up foor for winter, plastic bags will be many houses these days ...

I do not know about you, but personally, I never have the right bag sizes available at home. I tend to always buy them too big ...

Thanks to this tip, I no longer have this problem! If my bag is too big, I do this:

I heat the back of a knife, then I put my bag on a wooden chopping board (Otherwise your plastic chopping board will melt).

I slide my knife all along the bag, like this:

The heated metal will seal the plastic.

I just have to separate them and here I am with two small bags!

No more waste!