He opens a pool noodle with a knife, and makes an accessory that all campers should have!

A simple trick that makes camping easier!

Tips and Crafts

If you are a camper, you know that one of the challenges is the access to the toilet in the middle of the night!

It is better to have its own emergency toilet to avoid getting lost in the middle of the night, with a full bladder!

Creating emergency toilet will not require much material, a bucket, a pool noodle, a bin bag and toilet paper, of course.

The first tip is to use the handle of the bucket to hold the roll of toilet paper, so it is easy to reach.

The secondetip is to use a pool noodle split along the length to cover the bucket, so that it is more comfortable to sit on it!

It is you who will have the most comfortable portable toilet of the campsite!

Another advantage is that the pool noodle also holds the bin bag in place so that it does not slip.

Watch this video in English to see this resourceful man showing us his camper tricks. [Pub]