He places an ice cube on the meat when he cooks it on barbecue

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With the beautiful sun we had in the last few days, we are starting to see spring finally settling down for good. One of the many things I love about springtime is when the garden is finally clear of all the snow and the barbecue can go back to its place so we can use it to cook our meals.

Let's be honnest, there is nothing better than a good meat grilled on the barbecue. I do not know if you are like me, but as soon as the barbecue is in the garden, we cook the majority of our meals on the barbecue. There are less dishes to clean and the meat ( and fish ) is so much better.

Do you like to cook on the barbecue, but your meat is often hard and dry ? Would you like to know a trick to cook your meat so that it remains tender ?

This video explains some cooking tips to help us cook our meat ( or fish ) on the barbecue. You meat and fish will be so delicious thanks to these tips.

My favorite tip is the ice cube trick on the meatball. Indeed, to have well done and very tender meatballs, you just need to place an ice cube on your meatball during cooking. This simple trick will allow you to have delicious meatballs for your hamburgers. Your guests will ask you what is your secret for having such a perfect meat. ( If you prefer, you can also use a bit of butter instead ).

In this video, you will see various tips to make it easier for you when you use your barbecue.

For example, the video shows us a tip to clean the barbecue grills without using a brush ( just with an onion and aluminum foil ). There is also a tip to perfectly cook your fish on the grill.

To see all the details of the various tips, feel free to watch the video below, that explains in detail each tips.

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