He ties a rope to his shovel to show us the best way to shovel snow.

Perfect tip to shovel snow

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The first snow storms are coming to Quebec and many people are preparing for the idea of having to clear the snow from their car and their driveway ...

However, not everyone can afford to pay a snow blower or invest in a Tempo shelter.

The Infinite DIY website has the solution to your problem, and shows you a tip posted on YouTube by Mr L.Kanavaros.

By simply adding a long piece of rope to the handle of the shovel, you can save time ... and avoid back pain!


The rope tied to the shovel allows you to move the snow sideways without adopting bad positions for your back. It also allows you to have your back straight and you don't need to bend to shovel the snow.


You'll save a lot of time and effort to remove the snow from your driveway!


Watch the tip in the video below: