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Heinz reveals a new machine that will make a lot of people excited

It's a dream come true for many!

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If you are among the many people who love Heinz's famous sauces, know that the future holds beautiful things for you since various sauce dispensers will soon appear in several restaurants.

The new dispenser that is expected to spread in restaurants will allow customers to choose a base sauce such as ketchup, BBQ sauce or ranch sauce. The customer can then add one or more flavors to modify the taste, including jalapeno, smoked chipotle, buffalo or mango flavors.

As indicated by Kraft Heinz's North American development chief, Diana Frost, in an interview with CNN, variety will certainly be present with these dispensers: "These base sauces and flavors will continue to change. [...] We will listen to feedback from our consumers."

It is during the National Restaurant Association Expo, which will take place in Chicago, that the unveiling of the machine will take place.

According to Heinz, the dispensers could start appearing in restaurants by the end of 2023 or as early as 2024.